Who are we?

Woodley Healey was founded in 2007 and has since grown into a premium award winning product. With 8 years of development and refinement experience we now create masterful high-tech versions of the legendary Austin Healey MKII 3000 sports car. Every car that leaves our workshop was carefully crafted to the clients specification with exceptional attention to detail.

The Car

We were adamant that the car must be reliable and fast from day 1 and that is why we decided to re-engineer the car to run on a BMW e36 power train. Today that power train and light body will get you from 0-62mph in 5 secs compared to the original Austin Healey MKII 3000 which will get you from 0-62 in 9secs only.

The Factory

The Woodley Healey Workshop is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa with a partner workshop based in the UK and soon to be showroom based in Oxfordshire. Our recent expansion into the UK market means we are currently importing the cars from South Africa, where they are masterfully finished and registered in England.